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Estela Maldonado "The Incan Princess"

Kevin T. Robertson Show's Estela Maldonado interviews Zacarías Ferreira live at Bravo Bravo Washington DC. Ferreira was born in the cigar-manufacturing town of Tamboril, near Santiago in the Cibao region of the north-western Dominican Republic. Zacarías on to dream of becoming a musical artist himself.The desire to improve himself motivated him to leave for the countrys capital, Santo Domingo, where he joined the Conservatorio Nacional and also sang in a local bachata group. Three years later his second album, El Triste, won the award for him for a second time. The footage done by Gregory A. Lewis of T.EYEFILMS LLC.

The Kevin T. Robertson' s host Incan princess Estela Maldonado interviews Nyl and Steve Styles from XTREME. Fusing their passion for the "tipico" bachata sounds of the Dominican Republic with the R&B and urban sounds they grew up listening to on the streets of New York, the platinum-selling XTREME are among the brightest stars in the Latin music industry. XTREME thrives between their two cultures, exploring mainstream U.S. pop while staying true to their Dominican roots. XTREMEs latest LP, Haciendo Historia, has sold over 200,000 copies and has taken the group to a new level of success. The groups loyal and ever-growing fanbase fosters XTREMEs MySpace page, which brings together over 100,000 friends and has received well over 5 million hits from loyal supporters worldwide. Since the release of Haciendo Historia, Danny D and Steve Styles have solidified their sound and have become a household name in Latin music.Gregory A. Lewis of T.EYEFILMS LLC shot the coverage. Post production from Gregory A. Lewis of T.EYEFILMS. T.EYEFILMS is in the Building!!!!! Ready to be of service of your video productions needs.