Welcome to the official website of D.C.'s very own Exotic Bolivian Beauty Queen

Estela Maldonado "The Incan Princess"

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Estela Maldonado

Estela Maldonado was born in Washington D.C. Originally from Bolivia, South America. Her ancestry can be traced all the way back to Huayna Kapac. Which makes her an Incan princess. She has a deep love for her family, and her heritage. She is very proud to be Bolivian-American. In Estela's spare time she enjoys watching movies and horseback riding. She also loves to sing, dance, take pictures, and do anything that involves nature or just being outside! Her favorite movie is "Scarface" and her favorite song is "When doves cry" by The Artist formally known as Prince. It has always been her dream to be an actress, and model. Estela wants nothing more than her family to be proud of her and her work. Estela gives all the credit for where she is today and headed tommorow to her parents and son, Xavier Lewis (Son), Patricia Vannoy (Mother), Charles Vannoy (Father) and Mauro Maldonado (Biological Father), for all thier love and support. But most importantly they have always believed in her.